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Luke A.-$100
April G.-$50
Andra and Ashley R.-$20
Danielle and Sheldon O.-$100
David H.-$50
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Goal: $25,000
Raised so far: $14,779
Organizer: Kevin Dube
Contact: skdube@rogers.com

My name is Kevin Dube and recently my brother in law and sister in law were blessed with the birth of their first child, a little girl named Avery. When Avery was born she had the newborn screening test that all babies get. Thats the test where they prick the heel and test for a variety of different things. When our children were born we were told not to worry because almost always the test are negative. Avery's test was not negative. The test indicated that Avery had PKU, something I had never heard of before. Once I heard about this I started researching to try to find out more about PKU. Some information I found was alarming, and other info was encouraging. It appeared that with proper treatment and diet Avery could grow up much like many other children. My attempt to research also connected me with the Canadian PKU and Allied Disorders Organization. In talking with their president John Adams it was evident that not all provinces across the country are providing enough funding to cover the treatment that patients and families dealing with PKU require. It was also evident that advocacy and community building amoungst those with PKU was very important. My wife and I knew that we needed to do something to support our family. After talking with John we decided that a cross Canada bike ride would be a great way to advocate, raise awareness, fundraise and promote community for those individuals and families dealing with PKU. So in June 2014 I will embark on a journey across Canada. I will ride from Victoria BC to St. Johns Newfoundland. My Niece is my inspiration for this ride however this is also a national issue and there are families all across Canada that would benefit from more funding, awareness and advocacy. Thanks very much for your generosity it is very much appreciated and it is my hope that it will go along way in making a difference for those living with PKU.

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